A misdemeanor charge is a criminal offense that doesn’t carry the severe penalties that a felony charge carries, but it’s still more serious than a minor traffic citation or infraction. The law divides misdemeanor charges up into 3 major categories and each carry their own minimum sentencing rules, including fines and fees. Below is a short description of the different misdemeanor charges:

Crimes against the person

·         Harassment

·         Assault and battery

·         False imprisonment

Note: If the crime includes the use of a weapon, the seriousness of the offense would rise to the level of felony charges.

Crimes against property

·         Theft

·         Breaking and entering

·         Larceny

·         Burglary

·         Shoplifting

Crimes against public safety or public order

·         Minor in possession

·         DWI

·         Prostitution

·         Noise violations

·         Disorderly conduct, such as public intoxication

·         Open alcohol container violations

Generally, jail time for misdemeanor crimes is less than a year and involves a fine of less than $10,000.

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